San Remo Penthouse owned by Demi Moore now 21% off!

By | November 4, 2016


The three-level property San Remo Penthouse of actress Demi Moore located in the symbolic Manhattan tower, which has seventeen rooms, is now discounted by 21% from its original price.

The actress looks to have acknowledged the fact that soaring property prices are no longer “sellable” in Manhattan’s high-end, very pricey real estate market.

Moore has reduced roughly21% or equivalent to $16 million off of the original price of her property, making the 3-level, seventeen-room penthouse on Manhattan’s symbolic Central Park West building available for $59 million. According to the StreetEasy, the listing has failed to acquire a buyer for a year.

The penthouse is located at the symbolic San Remo in Manhattan which has units totaling to 134 in the pre-war building. It is listed by Adam Modlin of the Modlin Group. The actress’ apartment boasts 6 bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms.

The penthouse in the south tower was described by the listing as having a finish of round Roman-like temples enclosed by Corinthian lines. It provides prospective new owners a wide view of the city which includes the Hudson River, Central Park and the George Washington Bridge.

On the first level of the apartment which is located on the 26th floor is where you will find the kitchen, library, dining and breakfast rooms and the living room. The bedrooms and staff room are found on the second level and on the third, you will find another kitchen, an entertainment room, a study, a bathroom and a guest loft.

The property brings in $17,912 in maintenance fees every month and prospective clients may shoulder up to half (50 percent) of the purchase.