Pet Friendly Properties: Do you belong here?

By | November 18, 2016


Here are some of the pros and cons about living in a pet-friendly neighborhood so that you can decide if this fits your lifestyle.


  • If you have pets, then you can be sure that they are welcome not just at your home but at your community as well – No more stressing and worrying about whether you’re the only one living in your community with a pet. Feeling like your neighbors are constantly giving you the “side eye” when they see you because they hate your pet, when they make a noise or bark or just being in the same vicinity. But in a pet-friendly location, that would not be a problem. Instead, neighbors welcome your pets and might even volunteer to look after them when you have to travel or work. And most importantly, they won’t mind the noise or bark your pets make.
  • Animals give an added sense of safety to the community – If a potential robber/thief sees that there are animals at a premise, that person may be inclined to go and look for another victim elsewhere. Dogs, especially, make loud noises and are fiercely solicitous of their owners. This will make anybody have second thoughts about entering your property.
  • Setting – up “play dates” for your pets is easy – People living in a pet-friendly community can have a “get together” at night and have all their pets get acquainted with one another.


  • Animals have different temperament – You can expect all your pets to get along, especially when they only just met. You can’t really tell how your pet will interact with other pets and that in itself presents a risk not just to the animals but to the owners as well.
  • There are still pet owners who are irresponsible – Getting their animals the proper vaccinations, medications and of course, toilet training. Neighbors probably won’t appreciate stepping on a dog’s waste in the yard or smelling stinky poop and urine that you should have cleaned before you left for work.
  • All animals are welcome in a pet-friendly community – Some pet owners are okay with having to deal with everybody’s pets. Like I said, some. The other “some”, can’t tolerate it. They prefer to just hang out with their own pets.

In short, your decision to be contented living at a pet-friendly community depends on 1) your tolerance and affection for other pets and 2) how compelling the management in your community is in implementing its policies and regulations. So take a moment to think about your position when it comes to animals and have a thorough discussion with the management regarding their rules on having pets.