Want to own a castle in St. Croix? This just might be for you… for a cool $15 million.



The vast structure was built by the late Countess Nadia de Navarro-Farber on St. Croix. The beachfront Caribbean castle can be yours if you have $15 Million.


John Foster Real Estate agent Peter Briggs, along with Calabash Real Estate lists the property. He described the structure as overlooking the coast of St. Croix. Completed in 1989, the late countess conceptualized the castle. It is roughly ten thousand square feet which boasts six bedrooms. A lofty, round road with terraced gardens surrounds the property and according to Briggs, the structure’s breathtaking backdrop would pass as a fantastic setting for a Hollywood spy movie.


Inside, a rounded ceiling is illustrated to look like a blue cloudy sky, and there is a huge flower-shaped column with its petals incorporated as part of the ceiling. There is a pool house with a swimming pool and a 3-bedroom caretaker’s small house outside the castle.


An exclusive pier is also included in the beachfront area that was at some point a section of the old West Indies Lab of Fairleigh Dickinson University that the late countess purchased after Hurricane Hugo damaged it back in the 90’s. According to Briggs, the now unused buildings are outlined so prospective buyers can make that section of land into a business – be it restaurant or resort- if they want to.


the late Countess Nadia Navarro-Farber

the late Countess Nadia Navarro-Farber




The Bulgarian- born Countess Navarro-Farber lived mostly in Long Island and spent mostly 4 months every year in St. Croix and entertained quite often. Briggs added that there were quite a few stories about the Countess’ amazing lifestyle. Yuri Farber, the countess’ husband, decided to sell the structure as he doesn’t go there as much since the Countess’ demise in 2014.





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The Continuing Slide of Real Estate Prices in the Hamptons



It remains a buyer’s market in the Hamptons, the group of prosperous towns and villages on Long Island’s East End.


a house in the Hamptons



The median cost of a house fell 13 percent in Q3 in comparison to the same 2015 span, based on a report printed by property company Douglass Elliman and prepared by appraiser Miller Samuel. It’s the steepest fall in house prices in nearly three years.


The median cost of a Hamptons home stands at $825,000, according to the report. The typical cost of a property reached $1.746m.


The fall in house prices is especially acute at the upper end of the marketplace, the report reveals. Sales of homes priced at $1m to $5m dropped 24% in the third quarter in comparison to the exact same year-ago period.


beach front mansions at the Hamptons

beach front mansions at the Hamptons


The news is not worse for bargain hunters in the Hamptons. Dwellings priced below $1m found a rise of 22% from a year before. The spike represents buyer excitement for houses priced at the lower and mid end of the Hamptons real estate marketplace, says Jonathan Miller, president of Miller Samuel.


Overall, the amount of house sales in the Hamptons grew 2% in the third quarter, the first annual increase since the second quarter of 2015.


Declining sales hasn’t ceased some residents from testing the high end of the Hamptons market place.


Former supermodel Christie Brinkley recorded her Sag Harbor house for $25m earlier this month. The cost is a sudden rise from its last listing cost of $15.75m in 2010. The 19th century waterfront property remains on 4.5 acres with more than 300 feet of beachfront.

Tips on how to pick a Health Insurance Plan

Purchasing health insurance for the very first time can be quite an intimidating endeavor.



The good thing is that there’s more monetary assistance for health care coverage than before, and you can’t be refused coverage.


The responses to some commonly asked questions can assist you to comprehend the actual prices of a health care strategy and select a policy that satisfies your needs.


 Low monthly premium vs a lower annual deductible

If you’re like most youngsters and you’re quite in good health, you may not want to spend much in monthly premiums but still obtain complete coverage in case of undesirable events, unexpected ailment or situations like getting pregnant. Just be knowledgable that your annual deductible is higher when you pay less for your monthly premium.


What happens if I have a chronic condition and need to use my health plan more often

Individuals who suffer from chronic ailments more often choose the more pricey coverage plans because they will have to use a number of services, and they want a reduced deductible and admittance to wider connections with more health professionals and probably lesser service costs for each. These people will generally have reduced charges which they will pay from their own pockets (not covered) since they pay more in the monthly coverage.


What if I am taking prescription drugs all the time?

If you are taking prescription meds regularly for allergies or asthma conditions all the time, make sure to check that the drugs you are taking are included in the health coverage otherwise you may have to pay for its lofty costs.


H.M.O?  E.P.O?   P.P.O or  P.O.S?


  • Health Maintenance Organizations are the most restrictive plans. Meaning, your care is provided only if you get it from a care-service provider chosen by the H.M.O.
  • the same rules above apply for Exclusive Provider Organizations
  • Preferred Provider Organizations also have their own groups of healthcare professionals for you to pick from, but they will cover at a reduced cost if you use a doctor or hospital outside their network.
  • Point Of Service plans combine factors of both H.M.O.s and P.P.O.s. These may need you to name a primary physician to arrange your care.


There is one exception to all the limitations set by a managed care strategy is a medical emergency, in which a patient can generally go to the nearest emergency room and all, if not most, of the cost of service will be paid for.


High-deductible plan

When you’re canvassing prices for coverage, it’s critical to find out about all of the costs involved in plans. Pay your monthly premium, or have your coverage discontinued.


 Major medical emergency

You’re shielded on the high end by a maximum limitation on your own out of pocket expenses annually, that will be capped at $7,150for 2017 for most plans. That kind of peace of mind is what insurance is truly all about.


Other extra expenditures I need to know about

Co pays are flat fees you pay every time you get a medical service. You may even be required to pay a percent of the price of a service. You may even have distinct yearly deductibles for different kinds of care like hospital care, lab evaluations or pharmaceuticals. All the prices are further explained in the “summary of benefits and coverage,” or S.B.C.


I only need a yearly flu shot and birth control pills

Ensure a plan that offers “minimal essential coverage,” which means it abides by the conditions of the Affordable Care Act and includes free preventive care such as a yearly checkup and contraceptives.

Legal Separation

Life after Legal Separation


You might ask what your options are after you have legally separated from your spouse.


For couples who are legally separated from each other, they actually have three possible options after the legal separation:


  • You can carry on living apart as a lawfully separated married couple
  • Get back and make peace with your spouse
  • Change from “Legal separation” to Dissolution of Marriage”



For two of these three situations, the method is pretty much very simple. Definitely, to keep living together as a lawfully separated married duo, that is exactly what you should do. Keep living together like you have been and continue complying with your legal separation acumen and arrangements which includes arrangements for child support, child custody, division of properties and maintenance.



To have reconciliation with your spouse, a request must be given to the court to stop the legal separation. To do this, you must request a shared motion with the court where the decision or judgment of the legal separation was arranged.


It is important to remember that this presentation of support must be jointly filed, which means you and your husband or wife agree to set aside the judgment and both of you must sign it. This action permits the court to put an end to the judgment of the legal separation and any arrangements made in relation to custody of the child, support of the child and maintenance will be cancelled.


You can change from legal separation to dissolution of marriage if you want to but do so 90 days after the decision of legal separation has been made by the court by requesting an action with the court to petition that the court change the legal separation to dissolution of marriage.


The request should include factual information that backs up your belief that the marriage is hopelessly broken and so it should be changed to a dissolution.


It is recommended to have assistance from an attorney to give the best achievement that your request to change the legal separation to dissolution will be approved.


NY Attorney General to Trump Foundation: Comply with State Charity Law or Cease Fundraising campaign

Donald Trump - founder

                                          Donald Trump – founder


NY attorney general allows Trump Foundation more time to file proper paperwork and comply with state charity laws


Monday was assumed to function as the target date for presidential candidate Donald Trump’s non-profit foundation, which had been asking for contributions with no official registration which is mandatory by the state of New York, to adhere with state law.


But a spokesman for the New York attorney general said early Monday afternoon, that Trump’s organization had requested  and been awarded additional time.


Eric Soufer, a spokesman for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) refused to reveal how much time was granted by the attorney general’s office.


The Washington Post earlier this month wrote that Trump’s foundation, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, did not have the official registration necessary to seek contributions though it had pulled through on gifts from other sponsors over the years.


Because of the foundation’s negligence to register, it evaded a provision to present to yearly independent financial examinations.


Those might have identified some of the obvious breaking and dishonoring of charity law that have been exposed this year. For instance, Mr. Trump used the money from the charity to purchase paintings for himself and also to assist him in settling lawsuits where his for-profit businesses were involved.




The attorney general’s office instructed Trump’s charity to stop its appeal for funds immediately, a day after The Washington Post’s report appeared on paper. Schneiderman’s office gave the Trump Foundation until Monday to lodge the right registration requirements and to secure audits from previous years where it had acquired contributions without permission.



Soufer, the attorney general’s spokesman, said that the Trump Foundation guaranteed to them that it was conforming to the mandate to cease its fundraising.


Soufer added that they are acting in accordance with the order and that they have ceased petitions for contributions in the state of New York.


A request for comment sent to Trump’s presidential campaign on Monday afternoon was not immediately answered.

Dubai set to make another history by the year 2020


the Burj Khalifa tower - currently the tallest skyscraper in the world

the Burj Khalifa tower – currently the tallest skyscraper in the world



New tallest tower in the world?


Development on the world’s future “new” tallest building has formally begun in Dubai where the current world’s tallest structure made by man, the Burj Khalifa, is located.



According to a statement by the media office of the Dubai government, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s ruler, put the groundwork stone in place on Oct. 10 for the planned Dubai Creek Harbour Tower.


a model of the proposed new tower at Dubai Creek Harbour

a model of the proposed new tower at Dubai Creek Harbour


In the statement, Sheik Mohammed has said that years after they launched the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa, they are now commemorating the groundwork of a new architecture that symbolizes another chapter in their quest to be at the cutting edge of development in different areas.



The undertaking materialized even as the economy of the United Arab Emirates, where Dubai is a part of, is anticipated to be at its most sluggish since 2010 after prices of crude oil were reduced by more than half.  According to managing director at real estate consultant Phidar Advisory Jesse Downs, after a downslide of an estimated 7 percent, prices of homes may decrease by 10 percent in 2017.



This tower project is a shared endeavor between Emaar Properties PJSC and Dubai Holding LLC and is said to be a part of the Dubai Creek Harbour real estate plan.



Mohamed Alabbar, the company’s chairman, stated that the tower will be a bit taller than Burj Khalifa which is 828-meter and was also accomplished by Emaar, back when the undertaking was firsts revealed in April.



Seeing Burj Khalifa up close and personal was a beautiful experience for me so this news is making me all giddy. I cannot wait to go back and visit Dubai when this future tallest skyscraper is finally finished four years from now.



The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge




I have always wanted to live in New York. In fact, I would dream about it all the time: The perfect apartment, the perfect location, the perfect price, the perfect everything. I am happy to say that I have found a place I call home, in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn, in southeast Manhattan, has become sort of a sanctuary for individuals who want spacious places to live minus the price tag of Manhattan apartments. Renowned for its food, its “mixed bag” of neighborhoods and more reasonably priced living accomodations than Manhattan. When some “Manhattanites” are starting to build their family, there are neighborhoods in Brooklyn where they go to and settle down.


And if you are like me, your dream can become a reality.


Here are, in my opinion, some of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn.



It means Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass and is located in the northwest of Brooklyn. It is the neighborhood where Jane’s Carousel and Brooklyn Bridge Park are all located plus it boasts the most beautiful sights of Manhattan. Oh and if you like to gawk at celebrities, the Clocktower apartment building is where most of them live. In addition to celebrities, there are also great restaurants in DUMBO like Grimaldi’s pizzeria.  You can also relax in the park during the summer, under the Brooklyn Bridge, which happens to be one of my favorite things to do.



Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill is where most of the young generations (i.e professionals, married couples and families with kids) reside. Many Cobble Hill brownstones have backyards and if you are fortunate, you might stumble upon an apartment with an outdoor space and a garden.


Carroll Gardens

It is the neighborhood with mixed residents of young and old. I was once told that Carroll Gardens was long established as the neighborhood where the Italian mob and their families lived. It is a popular destination because of the number of hip establishments along Smith and Court streets. The neighborhood has a strong French impact as evidence in the yearly celebration of Bastille Day (July 14th).


Park Slope

Park Slope is located on the hill going to the largest park in Brooklyn, Prospect Park. This neighborhood is considered as one of the most favorable to settle in because of its tranquility, its restaurants, schools and it is easily accessible for public transit. It is also near to Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum and the Botanical Gardens. Farmers markets and flea markets are found down 5th and 7th avenues during summertime.


Fort Greene

This is the place for you if you are looking for a more modern and affordable area but has the same “feel” Park Slope or Prospect Heights.




If you work in the city but still want to live in Brooklyn with all the amenities, this is the place for you.




Brooklyn has a lot to offer for all kinds of traveler. Go to Williamsburg and shop for vintage threads or to hear live music every night. In downtown Brooklyn there’s pro hockey and basketball at Barclays Center. Have kids? Take them to Prospect Park and the stroll the sidewalks of Park Slope or if by yourself or with a companion, take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or along the scenic Brooklyn Heights promenade.

Real Estate 101

Real Estate is described as ownership consisting of land and buildings or housing in general, its natural resources included.

On the business side, real estate is defined as the field of leasing, trading or purchasing land, buildings or housing. It is a legal term typically used in countries like the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand just to name a few.

Based on its use, Real estate can be divided into three categories:

  • Residential – undeveloped lands or houses, condominiums and townhouses
  • Commercial – office buildings, retail stores and warehouses
  • Industrial – mines, factories and farms



Some important things to remember when it comes to Real Estate:

  • Personal property are those “not existing in physical form” property like stocks, bonds and other investments; it also includes belongings like computers, beds and clothing, as well as appliances in your apartment (as long as it was purchased and set up with the leaseholder’s permission).
  • Real property is real estate (land and buildings) with the addition of the rights of use and amusement that goes along with the land and its developments.
  • Simply put, real estate is the land and all or any developments made on it. Tenants and landlords may have rights to take up ownership of land or buildings that are regarded a part of their own private estate but are not treated as real estate.
  • Home Ownership – According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, an estimated two-thirds of residents own their home which makes owner-occupancy the most common type of real estate investment in the United States.


In North America and Europe, the major categories used in real estate are:

Attached / multi-unit dwellings

  • Apartment
  • Flat
  • Multi-family house
  • Townhouse
  • Condominium
  • Cooperative/ co-op

Semi-detached dwellings

  • Duplex – Two units sharing one wall
  • Single-family detached house

Portable dwellings

  • Mobile homes – Can likely become a full-time residence which can be movable on wheels.
  • Houseboats
  • Tents – Typically very transient


In India and Asia, these are the major categories used:

  • Chawls
  • Havelis
  • Condominiums
  • Co-operative Housing Societies (CHS)
  • Villas

Got Insurance?

Insurance is a kind of risk management where the individual or entity that is covered by the insurance, transfers the possible loss to another, in exchange for a financial settlement referred to as the premium.

It truly is an important part of any private financial strategy.

The amount of coverage and the kind of insurance you get all depends on your distinct financial and family situation, and must be assessed carefully.

When contemplating buying coverage, one must need to review all the possible hazards as well as the monetary impact of these hazards on your own financial well-being. This can help you discover alternatives to look for and what questions to ask.

What you have to bear in mind is that you really do not want to be over-insured or under-insured, meaning that you need to research your options before you choose and purchase. And as with any kind of financial product, the fine print must be read carefully and it is important that you talk to a qualified adviser.


Insurance products usually are not restricted to health, life, or  property protection, in fact, there are many other risk management alternatives available in other types too such as Credit Insurance, Title Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance and Specific Disease Insurance to name a few.