Marijuana Now Legal Inside Particular Businesses in Denver

By | November 16, 2016


recreational marijuana stores in Colorado

recreational marijuana stores in Colorado


Some businesses in Denver have allowed marijuana use inside their establishment.

It has been reported in the Denver Post that the most cannabis-friendly city in the US has passed Initiative 300, which is a bill that will permit establishments to seek permits that allow areas where marijuana can be taken onsite.

The act paves a way for individuals to smoke in restaurants, bars, even yoga studios with unique permitting and also coffee shops located in Denver.

Co-owner of professional group Denver Relief Consulting and the initiative’s lead advocate, Kayvan Khalaatbari, said in  a statement that this was seen as a triumph for pot buyers who, just like alcohol buyers, only want another way to enjoy pot in a social environment.

Since 2012, recreational marijuana (use) has been legal in Colorado.

A flourishing industry in “canna-tourism”, as it is called, has taken place ever since, with tourists spending roughly $100 million at recreational cannabis stores last year, in Colorado. Adult smokers on vacation contributed to the almost 17% of sales in the said state as reported by the Marijuana Business Daily.

Long ago, use of pot in public has been prohibited by state law. Initiative 300 allows any small establishment – not included in the privately-owned marijuana clubs that have popped up all over Colorado- to make an assigned pot zone, according to The Denver Post.

The bill demands that the owners of the business get consent or authority from a local business group or neighborhood.

This BYO-bud law gives more favorable circumstances for consumption and could raise tax profits from both locals and tourists.

Back in October, John Singer, the State Representative who approved the initiative, said to The Denver Post the bill may also restrict charges of wrongdoings given to individuals who smoke in public places.

Singer added that law enforcement now has the opportunity to tell users where they can and cannot smoke.

The measure remains effective for 4 years and after that, the city’s officials can choose whether or not to continue on with the new program.