Interracial couple who altered U.S. marriage laws is featured in the movie “Loving” coming in theaters near you

By | November 2, 2016

When a black woman named Mildred Loving was banned from her hometown of rural Virginia for marrying a white man, she wrote to Bobby Kennedy, then the US Attorney General in 1963,  never imagining that she was going to alter the path of American history.

U.S Atty. General Kennedy introduced the couple’s circumstance to the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Supreme Court overruled regulation that barred interracial marriages. This was decided in 1967, eleven years after the Loving’s exile from the state for breaching Virginia’s law in anti-miscegenation.

Mildred and Richard Loving

Mildred and Richard Loving

The couple is featured in the movie, “Loving”, which showcases the working class the Loving’s, almost fifty years after the historical ruling.

Behind every cause are the people that fight for something they believe in, and in this case, the Lovings’ unwavering devotion to one another was what inspired writer-director Jeff Nichols.

The couple’s unshakable commitment to each other and their continued fight for what they believed in was the main inspiration for the movie’s writer-director, Jeff Nichols.

The case of the Loving vs the state of Virginia was pointed out in proceedings for marriage of the same sex in the United States which was made legal in 2015.

Actress Ruth Negga, who portrays Mildred Loving in the movie, said that the couple altered the judicial system legislatively as well as the constitution in America paving the way for the lives of many people. She added that no one should ever think that their voice is too quiet or that no one is too small because the Lovings have shown the world exactly the opposite of that.

“Loving” comes out in theaters on Friday.