Divorce: What you should do before filing a petition

By | November 7, 2016



When a married couple is contemplating filing for divorce, both parties should consider doing the following things first to help put them in a beneficial condition:





1) Financial Management. It is crucial to know your monetary records during the whole process of divorce. Acquire general or better yet, comprehensive information regarding your properties, arrears, earnings, and expenses before asking for a divorce. Collect thorough financial data from other documents and references, like approaching a business manager to obtain financial records or communicating with an accountant to acquire tax returns. Note that while all estate and accounts are mutually owned during the union, not all assets may be divided between the two spouses. Find as much information as you can regarding your total net worth prior to seeking consultation from an attorney in person.
2) Properly organize your financial and legal affairs. Take charge in keeping estate plans, signing of wills, refinancing of an asset and other monetary undertakings up to date before filing a divorce. In the state of California and some others, it is inevitable for temporary restraining orders to get started once a divorce petition is filed.

3) Keeping a certain of money for emergency fund purposes. It is typical to set money aside for emergency purposes. In case you lose your job, this money is used to pay for living expenses. The same can be said about divorce. Set a similar sum of money (probably worth six month’s income or more), aside especially if you don’t have much control over your funds, because sometimes the spouse would cut off the other spouse when they seek a divorce.

4) Document everything.
 Especially when there is custody at stake, keeping a diary for documentation can help establish the extent of your personal and emotional relationship with your offspring to the court, and also a spouse’s lack thereof. This diary may include pertinent correspondence through electronic mails and text messages, as well as dates revealing events you were there for and activities your spouse missed.

5) Be careful when using social media. The social media platform has become strong proof in divorce investigations. Avoid sharing posts that could jeopardize the divorce outcome like posting about drinking or heavy socializing. All your actions through social media is identifiable and if you remove materials that are incriminating just before petitioning, you could be terminating proof, which is not legal.


Divorce is one of the most difficult challenges you may face as an individual. When looking for a lawyer, make sure you base your choices on who really comprehends your needs and will incessantly battle for your benefits, even if he/she will have to take the case to court.