Monthly Archives: November 2016

President-elect Trump picks attorney general and his choice could be the end of recreational pot business

  Sen. Jeff Sessions, a nominee for the Attorney general post, is a devout adversary of the legalization of cannabis. If he were approved as Donald Trump’s first law enforcement authority, would he have any power to put his anti-marijuana perspective into action?   One could barely envision obvious unlawful cases for federal accusers to… Read More »

Marijuana Now Legal Inside Particular Businesses in Denver

    Some businesses in Denver have allowed marijuana use inside their establishment. It has been reported in the Denver Post that the most cannabis-friendly city in the US has passed Initiative 300, which is a bill that will permit establishments to seek permits that allow areas where marijuana can be taken onsite. The act… Read More »

San Remo Penthouse owned by Demi Moore now 21% off!

  The three-level property San Remo Penthouse of actress Demi Moore located in the symbolic Manhattan tower, which has seventeen rooms, is now discounted by 21% from its original price. The actress looks to have acknowledged the fact that soaring property prices are no longer “sellable” in Manhattan’s high-end, very pricey real estate market. Moore… Read More »

Interracial couple who altered U.S. marriage laws is featured in the movie “Loving” coming in theaters near you

When a black woman named Mildred Loving was banned from her hometown of rural Virginia for marrying a white man, she wrote to Bobby Kennedy, then the US Attorney General in 1963,  never imagining that she was going to alter the path of American history. U.S Atty. General Kennedy introduced the couple’s circumstance to the… Read More »