Monthly Archives: October 2016

Want to own a castle in St. Croix? This just might be for you… for a cool $15 million.

    The vast structure was built by the late Countess Nadia de Navarro-Farber on St. Croix. The beachfront Caribbean castle can be yours if you have $15 Million.   John Foster Real Estate agent Peter Briggs, along with Calabash Real Estate lists the property. He described the structure as overlooking the coast of St.… Read More »

NY Attorney General to Trump Foundation: Comply with State Charity Law or Cease Fundraising campaign

  NY attorney general allows Trump Foundation more time to file proper paperwork and comply with state charity laws   Monday was assumed to function as the target date for presidential candidate Donald Trump’s non-profit foundation, which had been asking for contributions with no official registration which is mandatory by the state of New York,… Read More »

Dubai set to make another history by the year 2020

      New tallest tower in the world?   Development on the world’s future “new” tallest building has formally begun in Dubai where the current world’s tallest structure made by man, the Burj Khalifa, is located.     According to a statement by the media office of the Dubai government, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid… Read More »

Real Estate 101

Real Estate is described as ownership consisting of land and buildings or housing in general, its natural resources included. On the business side, real estate is defined as the field of leasing, trading or purchasing land, buildings or housing. It is a legal term typically used in countries like the United States, the UK, Canada,… Read More »

Got Insurance?

Insurance is a kind of risk management where the individual or entity that is covered by the insurance, transfers the possible loss to another, in exchange for a financial settlement referred to as the premium. It truly is an important part of any private financial strategy. The amount of coverage and the kind of insurance you get all depends on your distinct financial and family situation, and must be assessed carefully. When contemplating buying coverage, one must need to review all the possible hazards as well as the monetary impact of these hazards on your own financial well-being. This can help you discover alternatives to look for and what questions to ask. What you have to bear in mind is that you really do not want to be over-insured or under-insured, meaning that you need… Read More »