President-elect Trump picks attorney general and his choice could be the end of recreational pot business

Sen. Sessions endorsing Trump


Sen. Jeff Sessions, a nominee for the Attorney general post, is a devout adversary of the legalization of cannabis. If he were approved as Donald Trump’s first law enforcement authority, would he have any power to put his anti-marijuana perspective into action?


One could barely envision obvious unlawful cases for federal accusers to make. Mark Kleiman, a NYU professor, states that every lawfully licensed pot retailer not only filled out but signed a form as well, that records their intent to carry out a federal crime. Apart from arresting the proprietors and controllers of companies selling pot, Sen. Sessions would have expansive function under federal regulation to take their properties. Plainly menacing the business with combative administration may be enough to coax manufacturers and merchants to stop operations and take investors to put their funds somewhere else.


Is there anything that would restrain Sen. Sessions from putting the pot business out of the market? As in the case of marijuana use for medical purposes, the answer is nearly without a doubt, yes. The Congress before used money to prohibit any implementation of federal rules against medical pot producers and consumers, and the following Congress will probably be alike in its way of thinking.


The business of recreational pot does not have equal protection due to the lesser number of states and is connected to the political group that was defeated in the election. One state that rejected legalization of marijuana was Arizona and it supported Trump. Four states legalizing it (Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California) supported Clinton. Except for Alaska, states that legalized pot usage before are staunch Democrat supporters (Washington State, District of Columbia and Oregon).


Although many Americans support legalization of pot, that does not mean it is considered a priority politically. Dan Riffle, a former pot policy activist, defines backing for authorization as an inch deep and a mile wide. He added that voters don’t care that much to make them walk and march in the streets because of it.


Jonathan Caulkin, drug policy analyst, proposes that Trump and Sen. Sessions could broadcast interstate guidelines for agreeable industry attitude and position non-enforcement on agreement by pot merchandisers.


His perception of the fed government’s administration part grants the voters’ desire to have legalization of recreational pot at the same time inhibiting collective money-making schemes that could endanger the health of the public.


Pet Friendly Properties: Do you belong here?


Here are some of the pros and cons about living in a pet-friendly neighborhood so that you can decide if this fits your lifestyle.


  • If you have pets, then you can be sure that they are welcome not just at your home but at your community as well – No more stressing and worrying about whether you’re the only one living in your community with a pet. Feeling like your neighbors are constantly giving you the “side eye” when they see you because they hate your pet, when they make a noise or bark or just being in the same vicinity. But in a pet-friendly location, that would not be a problem. Instead, neighbors welcome your pets and might even volunteer to look after them when you have to travel or work. And most importantly, they won’t mind the noise or bark your pets make.
  • Animals give an added sense of safety to the community – If a potential robber/thief sees that there are animals at a premise, that person may be inclined to go and look for another victim elsewhere. Dogs, especially, make loud noises and are fiercely solicitous of their owners. This will make anybody have second thoughts about entering your property.
  • Setting – up “play dates” for your pets is easy – People living in a pet-friendly community can have a “get together” at night and have all their pets get acquainted with one another.


  • Animals have different temperament – You can expect all your pets to get along, especially when they only just met. You can’t really tell how your pet will interact with other pets and that in itself presents a risk not just to the animals but to the owners as well.
  • There are still pet owners who are irresponsible – Getting their animals the proper vaccinations, medications and of course, toilet training. Neighbors probably won’t appreciate stepping on a dog’s waste in the yard or smelling stinky poop and urine that you should have cleaned before you left for work.
  • All animals are welcome in a pet-friendly community – Some pet owners are okay with having to deal with everybody’s pets. Like I said, some. The other “some”, can’t tolerate it. They prefer to just hang out with their own pets.

In short, your decision to be contented living at a pet-friendly community depends on 1) your tolerance and affection for other pets and 2) how compelling the management in your community is in implementing its policies and regulations. So take a moment to think about your position when it comes to animals and have a thorough discussion with the management regarding their rules on having pets.



Man-made Private Island in New York up for sale


Tavern Island

Tavern Island

Not too far from Freemantle, WA is where you’ll see this glorious man-made island. What’s even better? It’s for sale.

It’s just a little piece of real estate, but this scenic small island not far from New York City has a fascinating backstory.

Located in Norwalk, Connecticut, Tavern Island was once upon a time a heavily protected and impenetrable building. It was part of the Battle of Norwalk when the Americans were at war with the English, but in the last one hundred years, the island has provided a gentler way of living.

Celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Marilyn Monroe and screenwriter for the play The Little Foxes Lilian Hellman have all been reported to have retreated to the island for some quiet time, according to Mansion Global.

The present owners of the island have put the 1.4ha property for sale via Christies Int’l Real Estate. A spokesperson has described the island as one of the most exceptional acquisitions in the NY Metro area. He added that the property was placidly removed from the chaos of daily life yet still accessible.

The property has many well-built hardwood constructed houses and were created to emphasize the picture-perfect location.


Marilyn Monroe was one of the many celebrities who retreated on the island in the past

Marilyn Monroe was one of the many celebrities who retreated on the island in the past

The property has six bedrooms and its English colonial style accommodation was constructed in the 1900’s. There is a cottage called The Pilot House which has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one kitchen, a fireplace and a living room. There is also the Boat House which has a huge games room, a complete bathroom as well as a bedroom.

The island also has a beautiful gunite swimming pool.

In addition, the charming island also has a Tea House used for gatherings- complete with a meeting room and of course a bedroom.

Spare time activities are additionally indulged with a gorgeous gunite swimming pool, your own personal beach and a dock for a yacht or launch. A stone sea wall gives protection storm surges.

The island can be yours for $10.6 million.

Marijuana Now Legal Inside Particular Businesses in Denver


recreational marijuana stores in Colorado

recreational marijuana stores in Colorado


Some businesses in Denver have allowed marijuana use inside their establishment.

It has been reported in the Denver Post that the most cannabis-friendly city in the US has passed Initiative 300, which is a bill that will permit establishments to seek permits that allow areas where marijuana can be taken onsite.

The act paves a way for individuals to smoke in restaurants, bars, even yoga studios with unique permitting and also coffee shops located in Denver.

Co-owner of professional group Denver Relief Consulting and the initiative’s lead advocate, Kayvan Khalaatbari, said in  a statement that this was seen as a triumph for pot buyers who, just like alcohol buyers, only want another way to enjoy pot in a social environment.

Since 2012, recreational marijuana (use) has been legal in Colorado.

A flourishing industry in “canna-tourism”, as it is called, has taken place ever since, with tourists spending roughly $100 million at recreational cannabis stores last year, in Colorado. Adult smokers on vacation contributed to the almost 17% of sales in the said state as reported by the Marijuana Business Daily.

Long ago, use of pot in public has been prohibited by state law. Initiative 300 allows any small establishment – not included in the privately-owned marijuana clubs that have popped up all over Colorado- to make an assigned pot zone, according to The Denver Post.

The bill demands that the owners of the business get consent or authority from a local business group or neighborhood.

This BYO-bud law gives more favorable circumstances for consumption and could raise tax profits from both locals and tourists.

Back in October, John Singer, the State Representative who approved the initiative, said to The Denver Post the bill may also restrict charges of wrongdoings given to individuals who smoke in public places.

Singer added that law enforcement now has the opportunity to tell users where they can and cannot smoke.

The measure remains effective for 4 years and after that, the city’s officials can choose whether or not to continue on with the new program.


Does anyone want to live in this faux White House?

replica of The White House

replica of The White House

It seems not everyone is so keen to own a cheaper imitation of the First Residence

Located across the Potomac from the real White House, this property can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington D.C., and there you can see a 12,500 square-foot imitation of the White House.

Jeff Stein, partner at Tranzon Fox’s Va office, reported that a final bid made at an attempted auction back in October was rejected by the owner. The offer was $2.8 million.

He added that they did not get the purchase that they desired as there were only a few buyers within that price range. Together with his partners, Stein will list the property again after the holidays are over.

The six bedroom house was built in two acres of land all the way back in 1989. It boasts a huge portico a lot like the South Portico of the real White House.

For anyone’s information, the real First Residence was built in 1792 and the first president to stay there was President John Adams. The Executive Residence of the White House has only 1 less bedroom compared to the knockoff property which has 5 bedrooms. The real White House has 2 pools, indoor and outdoor.

If the property were to sell at the $3.9 million range, the mortgage would be at $16,677 per month, this includes both insurance and property taxes as well as  a down payment of $780,000 or 20% and acquiring a 3.4% interest rate fixed loan over a 30-year period.

If this replica on Georgetown Pike does not sell, another imitation of the White House can be seen 2 miles away from the McLean area, for $2.8 million. This is located at 1111 Towlston Road. It has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and an elevator. It is a 14 thousand square-foot property built in 1995 and is anticipating a sale at an auction (foreclosure), this according to Zillow. The property was originally priced at $4.65 million in 2011.

Divorce: What you should do before filing a petition



When a married couple is contemplating filing for divorce, both parties should consider doing the following things first to help put them in a beneficial condition:





1) Financial Management. It is crucial to know your monetary records during the whole process of divorce. Acquire general or better yet, comprehensive information regarding your properties, arrears, earnings, and expenses before asking for a divorce. Collect thorough financial data from other documents and references, like approaching a business manager to obtain financial records or communicating with an accountant to acquire tax returns. Note that while all estate and accounts are mutually owned during the union, not all assets may be divided between the two spouses. Find as much information as you can regarding your total net worth prior to seeking consultation from an attorney in person.
2) Properly organize your financial and legal affairs. Take charge in keeping estate plans, signing of wills, refinancing of an asset and other monetary undertakings up to date before filing a divorce. In the state of California and some others, it is inevitable for temporary restraining orders to get started once a divorce petition is filed.

3) Keeping a certain of money for emergency fund purposes. It is typical to set money aside for emergency purposes. In case you lose your job, this money is used to pay for living expenses. The same can be said about divorce. Set a similar sum of money (probably worth six month’s income or more), aside especially if you don’t have much control over your funds, because sometimes the spouse would cut off the other spouse when they seek a divorce.

4) Document everything.
 Especially when there is custody at stake, keeping a diary for documentation can help establish the extent of your personal and emotional relationship with your offspring to the court, and also a spouse’s lack thereof. This diary may include pertinent correspondence through electronic mails and text messages, as well as dates revealing events you were there for and activities your spouse missed.

5) Be careful when using social media. The social media platform has become strong proof in divorce investigations. Avoid sharing posts that could jeopardize the divorce outcome like posting about drinking or heavy socializing. All your actions through social media is identifiable and if you remove materials that are incriminating just before petitioning, you could be terminating proof, which is not legal.


Divorce is one of the most difficult challenges you may face as an individual. When looking for a lawyer, make sure you base your choices on who really comprehends your needs and will incessantly battle for your benefits, even if he/she will have to take the case to court.


San Remo Penthouse owned by Demi Moore now 21% off!


The three-level property San Remo Penthouse of actress Demi Moore located in the symbolic Manhattan tower, which has seventeen rooms, is now discounted by 21% from its original price.

The actress looks to have acknowledged the fact that soaring property prices are no longer “sellable” in Manhattan’s high-end, very pricey real estate market.

Moore has reduced roughly21% or equivalent to $16 million off of the original price of her property, making the 3-level, seventeen-room penthouse on Manhattan’s symbolic Central Park West building available for $59 million. According to the StreetEasy, the listing has failed to acquire a buyer for a year.

The penthouse is located at the symbolic San Remo in Manhattan which has units totaling to 134 in the pre-war building. It is listed by Adam Modlin of the Modlin Group. The actress’ apartment boasts 6 bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms.

The penthouse in the south tower was described by the listing as having a finish of round Roman-like temples enclosed by Corinthian lines. It provides prospective new owners a wide view of the city which includes the Hudson River, Central Park and the George Washington Bridge.

On the first level of the apartment which is located on the 26th floor is where you will find the kitchen, library, dining and breakfast rooms and the living room. The bedrooms and staff room are found on the second level and on the third, you will find another kitchen, an entertainment room, a study, a bathroom and a guest loft.

The property brings in $17,912 in maintenance fees every month and prospective clients may shoulder up to half (50 percent) of the purchase.

Tips for prospective home buyers



Thinking of buying a home? Here are few things to remember so you can finally get the house of your dreams:

  1. Credit score check

Your credit score is a numerical interpretation of your credit report. Scores calculated by FICO ranges from 300-850 and if you get a higher score, that is actually better. Having good credit is like a jackpot when trying to get a mortgage, this according to Denise Supplee who is an agent in Pennsylvania. Prospective home buyers are usually given the best interest rate on a loan if their score is above 740.This means that, if you have a higher credit score, you will net a lower rate in mortgage, according to Lee Gimpel who is the co-creator of The Good Credit Game which focuses on financial education. If your credit score is low, double time fixing it. Repair any mistakes that might be on the credit report, make sure you pay your bills on time and get a raised credit limit. Remember to not max out your credit card every month, though. It is best to use less than 30% of your available credit in total.

  1. Do not open new credit card accounts

You will be making another line credit if you open another account says the president of Mortgage Master – a division of LoanDepot – Paul Anastos. He added that the added credit line and what is subsequently loaned can alter the application numbers and in the end, might jeopardize the application process.

  1. Propose cash gifts during holidays

This way, you can add money to save toward buying your home, says a Kentucky and Ohio-based agent, Paul Sian. And tax refund after income tax filing can be put to good use by, once again, adding it to your home savings reserved for future downpayment instead of using it for a vacation added David Hosterman who is the manager of Castle & Cooke Mortgage in their Colorado branch.

  1. Take time to decide on who to get as your real estate agent

Ask people you know, be it your neighbor, a relative, friend or friend of a friend if they know any real estate agent. It’s always good to look for an agent who is good, knowledgeable, integral and can help you obtain your goal of owning a home, as advised by Los Angeles-based real agent, Chantay Bridges. Make sure they are experienced well enough to know how to do a particular transaction. It’s good to note that it is at the end of the year when agents are accommodating to setting an appointment with you as this is a slow time for home buying.

  1. Watch closely for interest rates

Warren Ward of WWA Planning and Investments in Indiana advises potential homebuyers to keep looking for interest with the lowest rates as this could help you save on closing fees.

  1. Look for a mortgage lender

You can ask your bank where you have been a long time depositor. You can also ask your real estate agent if he/she knows one. Make comparisons on the costs, what they are offering, points and the time frame to close.

  1. Prepare necessary documents to get yourself pre-approved

How? Here are the things you need to prepare in order to buy a house:

  • ITR and W-2 forms both  for the last two years
  • Payslips from the previous months
  • Documents to prove mortgage or rental payments for the last year
  • A record or list showing all your debts which includes credit cards, student and auto loans, even alimony
  • A record or list showing all your assets which includes bank statements, vehicle titles, real estate, and any investments

As you prepare to get a mortgage, Paul Anastos suggests not changing jobs, or making extravagant purchases or failure to pay any debt.

Interracial couple who altered U.S. marriage laws is featured in the movie “Loving” coming in theaters near you

When a black woman named Mildred Loving was banned from her hometown of rural Virginia for marrying a white man, she wrote to Bobby Kennedy, then the US Attorney General in 1963,  never imagining that she was going to alter the path of American history.

U.S Atty. General Kennedy introduced the couple’s circumstance to the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Supreme Court overruled regulation that barred interracial marriages. This was decided in 1967, eleven years after the Loving’s exile from the state for breaching Virginia’s law in anti-miscegenation.

Mildred and Richard Loving

Mildred and Richard Loving

The couple is featured in the movie, “Loving”, which showcases the working class the Loving’s, almost fifty years after the historical ruling.

Behind every cause are the people that fight for something they believe in, and in this case, the Lovings’ unwavering devotion to one another was what inspired writer-director Jeff Nichols.

The couple’s unshakable commitment to each other and their continued fight for what they believed in was the main inspiration for the movie’s writer-director, Jeff Nichols.

The case of the Loving vs the state of Virginia was pointed out in proceedings for marriage of the same sex in the United States which was made legal in 2015.

Actress Ruth Negga, who portrays Mildred Loving in the movie, said that the couple altered the judicial system legislatively as well as the constitution in America paving the way for the lives of many people. She added that no one should ever think that their voice is too quiet or that no one is too small because the Lovings have shown the world exactly the opposite of that.

“Loving” comes out in theaters on Friday.

Uber settles privacy issue with New York Attorney general for $20,000

The company will also protect and limit employee access to client geo-location data.


Uber has consented to pay a fee of US$20,000 in an agreement with Eric T. Schneiderman, New York Attorney General, for putting off informing their drivers the info breach of their private data in 2014.


The company has also conceded to toughen employee’s privilege to access the geo-location data of passengers, after reports that the company’s heads had a bird-like view of such info, a spokesperson from the office of the attorney general has said in a statement.


Uber informed the Atty. General’s office back in February 26 of last year that names of drivers along with license numbers were obtained by an unpermitted 3rd-party in a breach of data that was uncovered September of 2014. The penalty has been enforced on Uber for putting off giving up-to-date warnings of the info breach to the drivers who were affected and to the Atty. General’s office as well.


According to Schneiderman’s office, an Engineer from Uber had made a post way back in 2014, on the website, an access identification for the company’s 3rd– party cloud depository in a public post, and in May 12,2014, a person not connected to the company had been able to get access to Uber’s collection of information which included driver data.


The company also got into another dispute the same year (2014) when reports from BuzzFeed came about regarding an executive of the company using “God View” to trail its reporter’s trip without consent. The squabble led Al Franken, a U.S Senator who is also a highly regarded member of the Senate Subcommittee on Privacy, Tech and the Law, to question Uber regarding its policies about privacy, including who in the company has access and what reason that person was granted access to what they call the “God View” mechanism.


The Atty. General’s office started a probe in November of 2014 into the company’s handling of client private data that it compiles. Information like names, electronic mail addresses, phone numbers and payment data.


There was no comment made from Uber immediately following the announcement of the settlement.